Huntress's Menagerie


A 2nd Affair in pictures 

The beginning

Once, some years back in a virtual world, I wandered through a friends forest.  As I entered the clearing where she sat in front of the campfire, alongside her love, I spied lovely wolf, and an idiot.  I could tell immediately that he was an idiot, because he thought it was a fine game to harrass and attack a fine creature that was doing nothing to him. 

I showed the wolf that I was a friend, and the idiot, I was a force to be reckoned with.  Thus began a very long friendship.

We both have many forms we can take, as is the nature of that world, but most often we are human, and at our core is the beast that is our true nature.  You would think a wolf and a tiger to be an odd combination, but in truth there was a lot in common, and a great compatibility.  Two fairly solitary creatures, with great strength, and a fierce loyalty to friends and family.  This was the start of the dance.


To dance in an ethereal world is devine.  There is no missteps on toes, you are lighter than air, and you know every move.  Dancing for me was always a way to calm and lift.  Just to see your dress swirl around you while your partner pulls you in close, the soft fabric enveloping you both, is a dream.



When you know someone for a while, you become comfortable. You can relax in each others arms and drift away for a while.  Or you can make a joke and know the other will not take offence.  I decided to turn the wall around someones house pink once, and later, knowing they would not be able to work out how to change it back, I offered to strip the paint off again... I did not mean strip the paint off from other places it got added to.



He suffered later for his cheek, but that was the game.  Limits were always tested, but friendships weren't.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" these may not have always been that, but there was usually a story with them, or at least something that inspired them.

Sometimes it was just an image in the mind, of a spirit, that which the name and nature of a Huntress brought to mind.

The Huntress is many things including a gypsy at heart, a free spirit with mystical powers.  A keen ear could hear the spoken words, but know the reality behind them.

A gypsy can read your palm, your cards, or look into the stars, and sometimes see the most supprizing things.  At times to some it has seemed as though I could read their minds.  A disconcerting idea, but not true of course... or is it...

 No matter what, our true natures can always be seen, strong, fierce, loyal, a swirl of light and laughter, a free spirit with a good heart and a quick wit that can snap back with an unexpected twist and cheeky, wicked grin.  All this is The Huntress.

Huntress, able to calm and begile even the most primal beast. 

Many have tried to do the same in reverse, but they always underestimate how hard it is to herd a cat.

Maybe, it is because that beast exists within....

The hairs on the back of his neck rose as She breathed hot air there. Softly, just to let him know she was close, very close, ready to pounce. She was slowly circling round him, but he stayed still, staring straight ahead not daring to move. There was no where to run anyway. One hand slid round from the side, over his arm pulling him slowly back against that warm body. No escape as now as the hand reached all the way across to the opposite nipple. Thumb and forefinger lightly captured the little peak.

He braced himself knowing what was about to come, that sharp pain, which would make his body scream. His heart was racing as he told himself he had to stay put or worse would come. Suddenly her arm pulled him in even tighter, momentarily expelling the air from his lungs, and it felt like he was in a vice. She used this constriction to make it easier to sink her teeth into his shoulder. He cried out first in shock, having expected a different part of his body to be assaulted, and then in pain, as she bit deep and then sort of ... chewed a little.

He grimaced as She bit and sucked the same spot repeatedly, and tried not to think about what that would mean later. Tried yes, but failed. He knew for the rest of the night, at random times, She would grab or press on that spot. This would likely be followed by giggles and soft laughter, as She took glee in seeing his face scrunch up in pain from her handiwork.

His thoughts were cut short as he once more found the thumb and forefinger surrounding his tender flesh. She was just off to the side of him, almost in front, hands front and back of his body. AHHHH his mind screamed as She flattened his nipple in a painful pinch, causing him to pitch forward. AHHHHH he sprang upright again instantly as Her nails raked cruelly down his back Ribbons of fire that surely must have drawn blood.

He had shut his eyes tight as the first stabs of pain hit, and now he cautiously opened them worried about what he might see. She was waiting for it, his eyes to flutter open and look. His eyes locked into Hers, she was smiling, but it was not a warm smile, and in Her gaze he could see that cold hard glitter. He swallowed hard, this night may require a lot of endurance. The soft whisper in his ear was a bad omen, "is something wrong?" Looking at Her he replied "no, Mistress" to that cool stare. Mistress was in a Sadistic mood, and just like the cats She loved, she was adept at quietly stalking, pouncing, and then playing with Her prey. Unfortunately tonight, he was the prey.

There are many things we hunt for in life, and just as many ways to hunt them.  Treat them mean to keep them keen.  Take them, collar them and show all they are yours, so they also know they are owned.

Take them, lead them to your lair, then let no one else see your treasure so it stays safe and in your possesion.

Lure with feminine wiles, or various assests.  Tease and tantalise, let them think you could be fun and available to play with.

Let them think they have gotten the upper hand.  It does not matter if you dig the hole or you let them dig it for themselves, they will still be the one in it.

Of course there is always the option that you just wait.  Be patient and let them come to you.  Stay in touch, but let them set the pace.

It had been a while since she had sent the Gargoyle off, but then it had also been a while since she had seen Him.  Oh they had spoken across the vast space, but it was as they say, in passing, like two ships in the night.  Barely more than acknowledgment the other was there so they did not crash.

She was connected to the gargoyle, so its vision was hers as it flew across the empty ocean.  The expanse of nothing but gentle waves and sky was often soothing, but on this occasion it just made her feel isolated.  A little set of islands in what seemed like an unending sea.

He was slowing, she concentrated harder, but saw nothing there, but then, yes, land.  At this point she could see no further, the bond with the magical creature could only extend so far, so from here on, she had to trust it could do the task and return 

She headed to the beach and sat down by the fire, quietly watching the flames.  She let the clutter in her mind slowly settle and concentrated on the dancing light.  It was one of the few things she could use to take her state of awareness down a bit.

There it was, the bond once more, linking the creature to her.  Impatient now she wandered back to the resting spot of the stone beast, waiting for it to land.  It settled onto it's perch, strangely  graceful for such a construct, and she looked at it intently.  "Well?  What did you find?"  It lowered it's head, knowing it did not have the answer she craved.  Looking at the creature, she joined its thoughts to hers, as it recalled what it saw.  Minimal signs of activity, and in fact none for a few days.  Sighing, she released the Gargoyle, and it returned to its guardian state.

"not a bye ... an until next time"  They were nice words to hear, but such things were always so hard to believe.  Priority of others were often so different to her own.  Knowing and sharing what priorities are, not always an easy thing. 
She thought on this a bit, looking at the stiff, cold creature before her.  Was this her?   Not stiff and cold, but with a heart that was cast in stone, unable to change from the past where it had been first formed.  Imminent darkness waits to meet whatever fingers of light reach out, so that the extended hand must reach further or retreat so as to be safe, unaffected.

Bowing her head a moment in contemplation, she looked within, so many shadows, little glimmers of light.  But it was not just that... now and then, a spark, a burst of happiness, compassion, inspiration, dare she say love?  Yes the was sparks of love there, but it was not that hard to give love, but to accept it, be accepted by it, that was a different thing, that was in the penumbra, and the intensity of light and dark there was always in flux.  This was where it sat, she could feel it nestled on the edge of the blackness, doubt, carefully balanced and able to go either way.  Doubt that others loved, doubt that others cared, doubt of any worth, insidious whispers carried from the black heart.  

She raised her head again and once more looked at the stone shape.  For the second time she wondered, was this her?  A representation of a living thing, but not really living.  Was she letting the darkness stop her really living?   A bitter smile crossed her face, it was happening now.  There was the doubt, the questioning of her worth, it never left, it was always there.  Reaching out a hand, she touched the gargoyle's head, you have no choice my servant, you are as you are made, I feel I am too, although others would say that can be changed, I would say that not much can.  Pills and potions, a bit of magic, a good witch or wizard is hard to find, and even when you do they slip away back into the forest when their concoctions fail.  Another smile touched her lips, a happier one, as she thought "At least while their magic works, there is some joy, some light, it burns back the darkness before becoming dim again, maybe one day the ground gained will stay claimed.  Maybe one day hands extended can be taken, not slapped away.  Maybe..." 



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